How to Costume like a Master

how to costume

Costume parties have been going for centuries and there is absolutely no way they will be dying out anytime soon. What a shame it would be if they did! After all, costume parties are just one of the many things that keep humans living in the moment, not taking life too seriously, and in celebration mode. There aren’t many parties as fun as a well executed costume party (whatever Hugh Heffner might have said), but for some people the prospect of dressing up in costume is a little daunting. We’ll show you how to costume!

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Make Halloween 2019 a Scarefest to Remember

Halloween 2019Halloween is always a whole heap of fun, and trick or treating is one of the best bits at Halloween… as is throwing a hell of a Halloween party. Since the goal is to terrorise your neighbourhood to the max, you’re going to want to do this in style. That means going all out with your Halloween costumes, and making your parties as hair-raising as is ghoulishly possible.  We’ve got some fun ideas for making Halloween 2019 the kind of scarefest that will have your neighbours sleeping with the lights on for the foreseeable future. Whether you decide to take to the streets of Melbourne and strike fear into the heart of your local community, or you throw a Halloween party at your house, we’re here with Halloween ideas, to help you make the absolute most of it. 

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Muck Up Day: How to Ring the final Bell in Year 12


Muck up day costume
As the end of year 12 looms close, pastures new lay ahead… and they’re full of promise. Exciting times, right? Although it’s never easy to say goodbye to your school days and all the friends you’ve got used to seeing each day, adulthood beckons and it’s enticing to say the least. You won’t want to turn your back on your school years without at least one big celebration though… and that’s exactly why you should let loose with Muck Up Day costumes!

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What’s Hot in Costumes for Halloween 2019?

Hot costumes Halloween

Halloween seems to come around so quickly sometimes, and before you know it you’ve done all the traditional costumes to death… no pun intended! So then… how can you bring your A-game to your chosen Halloween bash this year? We suggest a little novelty and modern inspiration, and we are here to help you with exactly that with what’s hot costumes Halloween 2019.

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Celebrate Oktoberfest Melbourne…Rollicking Good Fun

Oktoberfest MelbourneMelbourne is a city that welcomes Oktoberfest with open arms, and there are so many options for celebrating it. You’ve got everything from outdoor festivals to German beer halls, local brewers and venues with an authentic German atmosphere.  It’s so much fun to immerse yourself in a festival atmosphere knowing that people all around the world are sharing this vibe with you… many of whom will be dressing up in dirndls and lederhosen and enthusiastically dancing to German folk music and doing the hand slap dance!

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How To Dress Oktoberfest Guide

When dressing for Oktoberfest it’s important to put some thought behind it in order to look the part and look your best! If you are planning to go to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany or Melbourne, why don’t you dress up in an Oktoberfest “Costume.” You can opt for some authentic lederhosen or dirndls. Keep it simple and get high quality, hand stitched items – like these: lederhosen or these: dirndls.  Here’s are how to guide on how to dress for Oktoberfest in Melbourne.


Below is a guide to dressing for an Oktoberfest costume party.

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6 Foolproof Ideas To Create Your Own Super Hero

make your own heroOne thing is for sure… superheroes never get old, in any sense of the word! From the old-but-gold days of Superman to the modern days of Marvel and the Avengers, superheroes continue to spring up in droves, and their powers just keep on improving!

It’s little wonder then that kids are so fascinated by these larger-than-life, colourful characters. They love to emulate them, immersing into a world of fantasy and imagination. Since imagination is the most powerful creative force in existence, getting kids to embrace and use it via fun activities can only help them grow into formidable adults.

If you’re looking for a fun way to entertain kids at a party, or something for yours to do on a rainy day… we’ve got a great idea for you: get them to create their own superhero!

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Is Reading Your Secret Power? Best Book Week Costume ideas…

book week costume ideas

With the many modern distractions and technologies of today, it’s important to keep children’s attention on the valuable traditional methods of learning, exploring the imagination and developing literary skills.  Every year in Australia, the Children’s Book Council Australia (CBCA) proffers a related book inspired theme, with the aim of encouraging the children of Australia to celebrate reading.  This year the theme is: “Reading is My Secret Power”. As always, one of the most popular ways to celebrate our books and their fabulous tales is… dressing up in costume!  Here are some great Book Week costume ideas.

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How to Maximise the Fun Times in Melbourne this Winter

winter in MelbourneHere in Melbourne we love the winter. Seasonal changes bring changes in activities and as they say, variety is the spice of life! Melbourne is a city rich in culture and has a list of fun activities so long you would have a hard time trying them all – even as a Melburnian citizen! For that reason, we’ve picked a few highlights for you to enjoy this winter, whether you are fortunate enough to live here or are simply passing through.  Here are our favourite options for winter fun in Melbourne:

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How to Host a Christmas Party in July


how to host Xmas

We Aussies aren’t about to let searing heat put a halt to our festive celebrations… so we came up with a solution: Christmas in July We bring the festive season forward a few months to make the most of cooler temperatures, and what do you know? It’s party time! Here are our top tips on how to host Christmas in July party and the best Xmas costumes for authenticity. We’ll also give you a few tips on local celebrations in case you want to extend the party further… or simply crash someone else’s instead. Have fun!

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Isn’t it Time for a Saints and Sinners Winter Warmer Party?


winter warmer costumeHas anyone ever told you to go to hell? Well don’t be offended if we do… we are simply suggesting a Saints and Sinners winter warmer costume party to spice up the chillier months and stoke your fiery sides with some naughty fun! Of course, if you prefer the heavenly realms, this is also the party for you. A bit of sweetness and light is always needed to balance things out!

So how do you throw a saints and sinners party this winter? Don’t worry – we are brimming with ideas:

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5 Reasons Eurovision has a Massive Cult Following

eurovison cult hit








With the 64th edition of the world famous Eurovision Song Contest around the corner on 18th May in Tel Aviv (Israel), there are millions of people rubbing their hands together in anticipation. The contest still has such a massive cult following, which may be surprising given the amount of competition in terms of modern singing shows. Yet if you think Eurovision is old hat, you would be wrong.

Here in Australia we just can’t get enough of it… but why do we love it so much? Let us enlighten you:

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