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Colored Contact Lenses available to purchase.  These colored contacts are the ideal accessory to complete your costume.  We sell one day use  and 3 month use colored contacts.

Full color range we sell here.

Primal lenses are perfect for wearing at Parties, Halloween, Raves or Nightclubs!  Make your Halloween costume come alive with thse awesome colored lenses.

~ Real funky looking Crazy/Wild eyes designs
~ Available ONLY in PLANO (non prescription)
~ Patented HYDROGEL material
~ European CE or FDA approved,
~ Exceptional comfort!

Colored Contact Lenses

Available to purchase in store only.

  • Eye Fusion One Use disposable contact lenses $21
  • Primal 3 month reusable contact lenses $29
  • Primal Mini Sclera 3 month contact lenses $35

Colored contact lenses